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Professional Swedish translators

At Oktagon, you always get direct contact with your translator. You are welcome to contact whoever suits you better, or use the contact form to get in touch.

Malin Skillby
English and Spanish to Swedish

Malin, who has been a translator since 2005, has a Master’s degree in translation from Stockholm University, and is a member of Översättarcentrum.

Charlotte Sjögren
English, French, Danish, and Norwegian to Swedish

Charlotte is a qualified professional translator and specializes in medical texts and texts that require a high level of stylistic skill.

Elisabet Roman
English, German, Norwegian and Danish to Swedish

Elisabet translates since 2007, mainly within medicine, and has a Ph.D. Faculty of Medicine, as well as a Master of Journalism, both from Uppsala University.

English and Spanish to Swedish

Karin has a Master’s degree in translation from Stockholm University and has worked as a translator since 2005.

About Oktagon

All members in Oktagon Translator Team are members of The Swedish Association of Professional translators and abides by the association’s Code of Ethics.

Information about ordering

There are certain that things the translator will ask every time you order a translation, and it is useful to be prepared, so that you can get your quote as quickly as possible. If you like, you can read more about it in Things to consider when ordering a translation.

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