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Charlotte Sjögren

Language combinations: English, French, Danish, and Norwegian to Swedish
Subject areas: Medicine, contracts, tourism, and marketing
Website: www.cstranslations.se

After receiving my master’s degree in translation from Uppsala University in 2007, I have worked full-time as a professional translator. The independence and high pace of work suit me, and I appreciate the freedom of being self-employed.

My main subject areas are medicine (chiefly texts relating to pharmaceuticals, patient information, surveys, and the like), medical technology, and tourism. Other subjects that I enjoy translating and have experience of are marketing, contracts, interior decorating, and cosmetics.

My private interests include film, literature, music, nutrition and health, fitness, outdoor life, pets, and vegetarian cooking, so I am more than happy to take on translations regarding these subjects as well.

Inquiries about translations in other subject areas are also welcome. I always make an assessment from case to case about whether the text lies within my area of competence.

Looking forward to receiving your inquiry! I respond quickly to emails.

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