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Oktagon Translator Team



We are a group of professional translators with different backgrounds and subject areas, all of us with long and extensive experience from translation within many different fields. Together we cover six different language combinations and subjects ranging all the way from the history of the Cistercian Order to dental implants.

When you work with Oktagon Translator Team, you’ll have direct contact with your dedicated translation provider, with no go-between. This means:

• Personal service
• Quick deliveries
• Smooth solutions
• Competitive prices

Oktagon Translator Team

Oktagon Translator Team is composed of independent translation providers, each running their own business and having their own clients. We believe that cooperation is the best way for small translation providers to stand out in the competition and be able to provide a more extensive service package and better customer service. This is why we decided to form this network of translators, where we can benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience, share large projects and refer clients to each other during busy times or holidays.

All of our members have many years of experience as professional translators and/or subtitlers and literary translators. Everyone in Oktagon Translator Team is a full or associated member of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators, SFÖ.

Professional Swedish Translators

When it comes to highly visible content (like product catalogues, press releases, websites etc.) the linguistic quality is of the utmost importance for anyone wishing to make a good impression. Hiring a professional translator to ensure this should be just as natural as hiring a professional web designer, graphic designer or copywriter – particularly if you have already spent good money producing content of a high quality in your original language.

You can read more about each one of us and the services we provide under The Team. Here you’ll also find contact details to get in touch with the translator of your choice. If you prefer, you are more than welcome to contact Oktagon Translator Team as a whole, and one of us will answer promptly.

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