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Language combinations: English and Spanish to Swedish

Subject areas: European Union, medicine, psychology, sociology, social sciences, tourism, and subtitling

Phone: 073-685 41 90

Website: www.kho.se

I have been intrigued by language and reading since I was a child, so becoming a translator felt like the right choice for me. The job lets me work with language, texts, and research, and I learn new things all the time.

Accuracy and high quality are important to me, and I aspire to them as much as possible within the given deadline and budget.

Apart from technical and other non-fiction translations, I do subtitling for television, which often involves extensive research on specific subjects and having to tussle with culturally-specific expressions, which is something I enjoy. I provide Swedish subtitling to authorities and companies. I also take on proofreading and language-test editing assignments.

My educational background consists of two degrees, a Master’s degree in professional translation and a Bachelor’s degree in English, both from Stockholm University. In addition, I have taken an introductory course in medicine at Uppsala University.

You are welcome to contact me about a translation even if your text does not fit into any of the categories above. Many texts have a more general tone, and after many years in the business, I can usually tell in advance whether I think I will be able to master them or not.

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