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Elisabet Roman

Language combinations: English, German, Norwegian and Danish to Swedish

Subject areas: Medicine, pharmacology, psychiatry/psychology, life sciences

Website: www.medskrift.se

Elisabet translates in her own company, Medskrift, since 2007, mainly within medicine, and has a Ph.D. Faculty of Medicine, as well as a Master of Journalism, both from Uppsala University. Moreover she proofs and edits Swedish medical literature for university students. Through her work on editing Swedish texts on medical subjects she continuously updates her factual knowledge and linguistic expertise, which also benefits her translation clients. The high standards she sets for her work through the years are evident in her clients’ appreciation and satisfaction.

In her spare time Elisabet is engaged in church activities and is passionate about sustainability issues. She loves to be active and work with practical matters such as gardening, bee keeping and simple woodwork.

If you have texts in English, German, Norwegian or Danish that you wish to have translated with precision into good, proper Swedish, please contact Medskrift. Send the copy, together with information on the project’s intended use and deadline, to elisabet@medskrift.se and get a speedy price quote!

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