Monica Rydén

Language combinations: English, French, and German to Swedish

Subject areas: European Union, general law, educational material, education, botany and nature, civic information and politics, culture and tourism

Mobile phone: 070-2443767


I am a former upper secondary school teacher with a Master’s degree in English, French, German, and Education as well as a Master’s degree in translation that I received from Stockholm University in 2001. Since that year, I have worked as a freelance translator. My specialities are texts in the fields of law, economics, the EU, education, medicine, nature, civil life, politics, culture, and tourism.

In addition to assignments from translation agencies, I have translated non-fiction books on a range of subjects, including Cistercian monasteries and their history, scenario planning, perennials, tea, the Mafia, and two encyclopedias for children and adolescents. My greatest interests, apart from my family, are languages and traveling.

I am married to Mats Rydén, Professor Emeritus of English. We have two children and four grandchildren. I like challenges and the value of lifelong learning.