Kerstin Larsson

Language combinations: English, German, and French to Swedish

Subject areas: general law, European Union, politics, society, medicine, culture, sociology, education

Phone: 018-30 27 35

Mobile phone: 070-695 27 35


As a former upper secondary school teacher with a Master’s degree in English, German, and French, I have always been interested in translation as part of learning a language. This interest eventually led me to the translation program at Uppsala University, where I obtained my second Master’s degree, in Swedish and translation, in 2006. I have worked as a translator ever since.

Translation isn’t just a job—it is an interest of mine and I get involved on a personal level. I enjoy translating texts on all kinds of subjects and it is exciting to work with new fields besides those I usually work with.

I work quickly and am very flexible regarding work hours.

When I’m not translating, I like to go to the theater and cinema, see art exhibits, or read a good book.