Edit Holm

Language combinations: English and Spanish to Swedish

Subject areas: EU, Social sciences and politics, travel and tourism, general texts, marketing, textiles, nature and the outdoors.

Telephone: +46(0)730508097

I have been working as a translator since 2013, when I got a Master’s degree in Translation at Gothenburg University. In addition to translator training, I also have studied Spanish, English, Latin and Latin American studies.

At the moment, I mainly translate EU texts and other community-related texts, but I also like texts in other subjects, such as nature and the outdoor, textiles, marketing and martial arts.

When you hire me, you will receive a professional, high quality translation. In addition to translation, I can assist in proofreading and linguistic review of texts that require a linguistic touch-up or a more thorough review.

Please note: Edit will be unavailable for translation projects until June 2020 due to other engagments.

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