Back again at SLAM!

In Pursuit of Excellence in the Language Industry, which was the conference theme, we headed south again this fall to the Scandinavian Language Associations’ Meeting (SLAM!) co-arranged by several Scandinavian translation organisations.

The notable feature was the translation SLAM, where two translators took on the same text and compared and discussed their separate translations. Invited speakers were Judy Jenner, Kenneth Quek, Tess Whitty, and George Drummond, among others. In a few short but intense days, we learned a lot.

Thank you to the organisers!

Knowledge in many languages – Oktagon goes to a translator’s conference

At the end of April, as the migratory birds fly north, we and over two hundred other translators travel, for the most part, in the opposite direction. Four translators from Oktagon are going to Lund to participate in the SFÖ translator conference on April 20-21. Translation is a profession that requires a good knowledge of many areas. The conference is, therefore, an important forum where we can discuss translation and terms with colleagues and other industry professionals. Suitably, “translation and knowledge” is the theme this year. We are looking forward to familiarizing ourselves with our work tools, making new contacts, meeting colleagues, and learning more about our profession in the sunny spring in Lund!

SFÖ’s broschure Mind your message

When you hire a professional translator, you won’t be satisfied with just understanding what your text says. You want the best possible text, which both reflects the information in the original text and works well in the culture of the new language. In order to achieve this best possible translation, you need to give as much context information as possible to your translator. We generally understand what the text says, but it is much easier for us to choose the right word in Swedish if we know what context it is from and who is going to read it.

In order to facilitate for translation buyers, the Swedish Association of Professional Translators has written a short guide on what to think about when buying a translation. Spend a minute or two looking through it. It will help you get the end results that you want.

Here you can find Mind your message embedded directly from the website of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators:

The publication belongs to SFÖ.

New Oktagon members

Starting from September 2017, the Oktagon team is proud to present two new members: Edit Holm and Elisabet Roman.

Edit’s language combinations are Spanish and English to Swedish, and she specializes in EU documents, among other things. Aside from her translation skills she also plays three different musical instruments.

Elisabet is specialized in medical translation, and her language combinations are English, Norwegian and German to Swedish. In her spare time, she is also a beekeeper.

We are glad to have the opportunity to strengthen our team with some new skills and ideas, and we all look forward to continuing our cooperation.

To find out more about either of our members, please click on “The Team” at the top of the page, and then on the member of your choice.

Thank you, Gunilla!

It has become time for Gunilla to leave our cooperation due to a permanent employment at a translation company. We will miss her commitment and drive, and even more her constant joy and power of initiative.

Thanks to you, Gunilla, for founding Oktagon with us. We are still in the same industry, so we will see you around. Good luck with your new job!

Översättning – gör rätt från början

The publication “Translation: Getting it Right – A guide to buying translation”

We at Oktagon want to talk about a publication that is excellent, both for those who are used to buying translations and for beginners. It is called Translation: Getting it Right – A guide to buying translation.

It was written for Chris Durban on behalf of Institute of Translation and Interpreting in the United Kingdom and it is available in English, Swedish and many other languages on their website.